Enables optimization of resource utilization and proper planning of robot work in the company.

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Enables optimization of resource utilization and proper planning of robot work in the company.

Personalized data analysis, integrating information from robots, IoT devices, and the MiR Fleet program. It enables optimal process planning, eliminates resource waste, and ensures making effective business decisions based on precise data.

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Optimal resource utilization in the facility

Efficient robot operation

Precise planning of the delivery process

Personalized data panels

Access to historical data, trends, and patterns

Integration of data with internal company systems

The dedicated ready-to-use screens are designed to facilitate the analysis of data dependent on the parameter you want to analyze.

Convenient analysis of the transportation process

All necessary data in one place

Analysis of mission execution times

Statistical analysis of tasks performed by robots

Monitoring process performance

Easy and flexible observation of the transportation system load


Mobile robots, IoT devices

Hardware requirements:

2x2,5Ghz, 16GB RAM, 200GB SSD

  • Delivered as a Docker images.

  • Must run on site.

Leoni Wierzbice

Autonomous forklift

Over the course of the year, it transported over 10,000 tons of products and completed 15,000 100-meter runs, reaching areas where conventional forklifts cannot fit.

Whirlpool Corporation

Automated transport of semi-finished products from the preparation area to the production line.

3 MiR robots with Dorsal docking modules ensure smooth delivery of components, aiming to increase the efficiency of the production line by delivering parts at the right frequency.

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

Autonomous waste disposal - up to 132,000 liters per day

A system of 3 autonomous robots manages 24 containers and 4 bins located in docking stations positioned at 20 locations in the warehouse.