Dashboard camera kit

The dashboard camera is a device that improves safety in the robot's workplace. Cameras record footage and save it on a built-in memory card for up to 48 hours. Once the memory card is full, new recordings overwrite the oldest ones.

Compability:MiR Robots

Two-way recording of video and audio for up to 48 hours of robot operation.

The Dashboard Camera Kit will optimize the delivery process and facilitate tracking of robot work in areas beyond monitoring range. The ability to record audio and video for up to 48 hours on an internal memory card will provide full control and monitoring of robot actions. Additionally, the option for live image preview and recording settings adjustment will ensure immediate adaptation of recording to the company's needs.

What you’ll gain:

Optimization and verification of the delivery process

Safety - monitoring robots’ work

Enhanced safety in areas not covered by monitoring

Plug&Play - easy and quick installation

Power supply

12 – 24 VDC



Dimensions (length X width X height)

40 x 110 x 30 mm

Additional equipment:

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