Whirlpool Corporation

Automated transport process of components to dryers from the preparation area to the production line. 3 autonomous MiR robots safely transport containers at intervals of every 6 minutes, ensuring the smoothness of the production process.

Products:Dorsal 100/200Dashboard camera kit
Location: Łódź

Whirlpool is a world-class company specializing in the production of home appliances. The implementation of robots in the factory in Łódź focuses on the production process of dryers. Three MIR200 robots equipped with Dorsal docking modules operate on the line, delivering supplies in multi-minute cycles. The production line manufactures a dryer every 15 seconds, necessitating a coordinated, smooth delivery of a large number of components to the production line. Integration at Whirlpool includes the following products:

The robots at Whirlpool are tasked with ensuring smooth delivery of components at the appropriate pace, aiming to increase the efficiency of the production line by delivering parts at the right frequency. The robots, along with docking modules, connect with semi-finished product transport platforms. These platforms are equipped with gravity drop systems, and precise docking of the robot in the right place enables the exchange of empty containers for full ones. The full production loop has a length of approximately 130 meters. The robot fleet and unloading points provide exceptional flexibility to the system, allowing for frequent reorganization of the entire production process. The use of autonomous robots in conjunction with the Dorsal system additionally provides flexibility in the loading area, as the platforms do not require docking stations. Thanks to the Dorsal module, the robots effectively retrieve platforms from designated, freestanding positions. Autonomous robots equipped with safety scanners monitor the growing internal traffic to smoothly navigate the changing production environment. This ensures safe collaboration between robots and humans, preventing potential collisions between people and equipment, such as forklifts or milk run carts.

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Dorsal 100/200

Universal module for transporting cargo on mobile platforms

Dashboard camera kit

Cameras recording robot operation for up to 48 hours

3 Robots

MiR 200 equipped with the top module Dorsal

Every 15 seconds

the production line manufactures a dryer

130 meters

full loop in the work cycle

Leoni Wierzbice

Autonomous forklift

Over the course of the year, it transported over 10,000 tons of products and completed 15,000 100-meter runs, reaching areas where conventional forklifts cannot fit.

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

Autonomous waste disposal - up to 132,000 liters per day

A system of 3 autonomous robots manages 24 containers and 4 bins located in docking stations positioned at 20 locations in the warehouse.