Leoni Wierzbice

15,000 TONS OF PRODUCT, 10,000 RUNS This is the result of the annual work of the Agilox ONE autonomous forklift, which we introduced to Leoni company in 2022. The solution covers 12 lines on the production hall-warehouse route, providing agility, flexibility, and process safety.

Location: Wierzbice

Leoni is a leading company in the automotive industry, offering products and services in the field of wiring systems with integrated electronics. The implementation of the self-driving transport robot Agilox ONE focuses on delivering finished goods from the production hall to the warehouse. Servicing 12 lines, the robot scans its surroundings and assesses pallet occupancy to pick up empty pallets on its way back. Additionally, thanks to its slim build and customized functionality, the robot reaches as close as possible to the destination points without requiring additional drop-off or loading locations.

The implementation of the Agilox ONE autonomous forklift has allowed Leoni to streamline the process of transporting finished products between the production hall and the warehouse. Over the course of a year, the robot transported over 10,000 tons of products and completed 15,000 100-meter runs, reaching areas where conventional forklifts cannot fit. In today's world, continuous automation and safety are becoming priorities for every business, including Leoni. In 2022, the company approached us to improve and automate the product transportation within the facility while ensuring the safety of operators. We opted to implement the Agilox ONE robot into the company. The main task of the system is to transport finished products from the production hall to the warehouse. The robots analyze the environment during their journey and verify where empty pallets are located. On the return route, Agilox ONE picks up stacks of empty pallets and delivers them back to production. Thanks to its slim build, the robot can reach areas previously inaccessible to forklifts. Consequently, the robot can reach as close as possible to the pickup and drop-off points, allowing Leoni to increase space in the facility by foregoing additional loading areas. Process operators are equipped with operator panels, giving them the ability to summon the robot. A major challenge was reconciling the robot's work with traffic on transportation routes. However, thanks to built-in safety laser scanners, optical scanners, and ultrasonic sensors, the robot can detect obstacles and pallets, avoiding them both while driving forward and in reverse. As part of our collaboration with Leoni, we introduced the robot into the company and mapped the terrain of the facility to enable collision-free transportation of products and pallets. Subsequently, we conducted a series of training sessions at three levels: expert, for key users, and for operators. Through collaboration with Octant, Leoni achieved its intended goals, increasing production flexibility, maximizing operator safety, and ensuring continuous process improvement.

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15,000 RUNS

each approximately 100 meters long


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