Spot lights kit

LED warning lights for autonomous robots enhance workplace safety. Additional lighting creates a blue light spot in front of the robot and a red one behind it. This allows operators to easily identify robots and their direction of travel.

Compability:MiR Robots

Spot Lights Kit facilitates the localization of robots and verifies their direction of travel to ensure safety in the work area.

The directional lighting kit is an excellent way to enhance safety in areas where robots and operators of other vehicles coexist. By displaying a blue light spot 3 meters in front of the robot and a red spot 3 meters behind it, visibility of the robots for operators and other workers in the autonomous transport system-equipped area can be effectively increased. It's a simple yet highly effective solution that can facilitate the localization and verification of the robot's direction of travel, as well as reduce the risk of collisions and accidents caused by human factors.

What you’ll gain:

Safety - visible direction of robot travel in advance

Smooth collaboration between operators and robots

Plug&Play - easy and quick installation

Dimensions (length x width x height)

100x50x50 mm

Power supply

12 - 60 VDC

Additional equipment:

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

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