An IoT device that connects robot systems with industrial gates to enable autonomous gate operation.

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Thanks to the automatic and secure handling of the industrial gate, SmartGate ensures smoothness and efficiency in cargo transportation.

SmartGate enables unmanned opening and closing of gates via Wi-Fi or LAN modules. Robots communicating with the gate through SmartGate won't have to wait for clearance, thus transporting cargo more swiftly, and the transportation process will be handled with fewer robots.

What you’ll gain:

Autonomous gate operation

Smooth transport process

Cost savings - minimizing the number of robots

Plug&Play - easy and quick installation


2 potential-free inputs, 2 inputs 24VDC / 4 relay outputs


Wi-Fi, LAN



Power supply

230V AC 50 Hz

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

Autonomous waste disposal - up to 132,000 liters per day

A system of 3 autonomous robots manages 24 containers and 4 bins located in docking stations positioned at 20 locations in the warehouse.