A device that monitors the status of input devices and changes the status of output devices, such as sensors or lights. When combined with the Supervisor system, SmartBox enables the assignment of complex work scenarios to robots.

Compability:MiR RobotsStatisticianSupervisor

Optimize the process performance using the SmartBox device supported by Supervisor software.

SmartBox supports up to 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs, allowing for robot control eg. via button panels. Simultaneously, SmartBox enables monitoring of pick-up and drop-off points and sensor status verification. These features ensure efficient robot utilization in the system, reducing their number to a minimum. In the version with Supervisor software, SmartBox gains the capability to implement advanced robot handling scenarios, and when combined with Statistician, it allows for precise data analysis generated by connected devices. With the Wi-Fi or LAN module, SmartBox connects directly to the network, facilitating easier and faster management of the robot system in the facility.

What you’ll gain:

Savings - minimizing the number of robots in the process

Automation - ability to assign missions in multiple ways

Autonomy - robots can automatically accept missions without operator intervention

Monitoring of pick-up and drop-off points

Optimization of cargo distribution

Buffer management capability

Built-in Wi-Fi or LAN module

Plug&Play - easy and quick installation

Power supply

230V AC 50Hz


Wi-Fi, LAN




4 inputs / 4 relay outputs or 8 inputs / 8 relay outputs

Additional Equipment

Optical sensors, inductive sensors, ultrasonic sensors, mechanical sensors, control panels

Additional equipment:

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

Autonomous waste disposal - up to 132,000 liters per day

A system of 3 autonomous robots manages 24 containers and 4 bins located in docking stations positioned at 20 locations in the warehouse.