Dorsal 250

Universal module for transporting cargo on mobile platforms

Compability:MiR RobotsMiR 250

The Dorsal 250 enables flexible operation, maximizing the potential of the MiR 250 robot in the facility.

This modular solution supports the latest MiR250 robot, part of the class of robots with a payload capacity of up to 500 kg. The built-in drive of the module enables docking to the platform with materials to be transported. The universal system allows for the transportation of various materials on a standard platform. With its pick-up-and-go feature and the absence of the need for docking stations, the Dorsal 250 ensures full customization of transport operations to meet the company's needs, and its compact design perfectly complements the size of the MiR 250 robot.

What you’ll gain:

Transport platforms tailored to process needs

Ease of use, simple programming

Flexible robot operation

Maximization of MiR robot potential

Pick-up-and-go, no docking stations

Compact design


up to 500 kg when using Heavy load set

Dimensions (length X width X height)

800 x 560 x 68 mm




Modbus TCP

Additional Equipment

Spot Light Kit, Dashboard Camera Kit, QR code scaner, RFID reader

Power supply


Operating height

400 mm

Additional equipment:

B/S/H Home Appliances Group

Autonomous waste disposal - up to 132,000 liters per day

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