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Top ModulesDorsal 250

Module extending MiR 250 robot’s possibilities

A modular solution for MiR 250 robot that transports cargo on universal mobile platforms.

MiR RobotsMiR 250
Top ModulesDorsal 100/200

Module extending MiR 100/200 robots’ possibilities

A modular solution for MiR 100/200 robots that transports cargo on universal mobile platforms.

MiR 100MiR RobotsMiR 200

An IoT device that communicates with the robot system

Enhancing process functionality and robot management in collaboration with the Supervisor system.

MiR RobotsStatisticianSupervisor

Automated industrial gate operation

SmartGate enables communication between robot systems and industrial gates to automate the cargo transportation process.

MiR RobotsStatisticianSupervisor
AccessoriesDashboard camera kit

Record up to 48 hours of robot operation

The attached camera for MiR robots records 48 hours of footage on an internal memory card.

MiR Robots
AccessoriesSpot lights kit

Visual LED warning system for mobile robots

Ensure safety while working with the robot by using colored warning lights.

MiR Robots
AccessoriesHeavy Load Set

Transport up to 500 kg of materials in a single round

A system ensuring better contact of the robot with the ground and enabling the transportation of even twice the weight of cargo with precise localization of the destination.

MiR 250MiR Robots