About us

We deliver dedicated autonomous transport systems. Through comprehensive collaboration, we implement robots, IoT devices, and intelligent software that automate and enhance process efficiency while ensuring maximum safety.

We create comprehensive, personalized solutions supporting the automation of delivery processes in companies. We implement intuitive, user-friendly autonomous robots with accessories and dedicated infrastructure, as well as intelligent software and IoT devices. We have earned the trust of companies from the USA, Japan, Finland, Spain, Germany, and China, among others.

Our journey in the autonomous robot market began in 2016 when we created the first AGV vehicles of our own production. The knowledge and experience gained allowed us to go further - we focused on fully autonomous robots and enriching them through the creation of dedicated infrastructure and software. As a result, we deliver complete autonomous transport systems to customers. Passion for what we do, determination, and persistence in pursuing goals have led Octant to achieve a strong position in both the Polish and international markets. We are a company with a vision of continuous development, a willingness to take on new challenges, and improve our products.

Our innovative solutions combining autonomous robots, IoT accessories, and intelligent software set standards in the field of internal transport automation.

For the purpose of optimization and monitoring of implemented applications, we provide an advanced statistical module enabling the creation of reports, system load analysis, alarms, and data export, so that our customers can see the progress of robot operations. By implementing comprehensive Supervisor software, we help companies achieve new levels of efficiency in robot handling, enabling dedicated adaptation to the most demanding transport scenarios.